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Hailing from a very old family of Jabalpur with deep roots in other parts of Madhya Pradesh. The old Family Business was trading....

Our Business

B. K. Nema (Founder)


To tap the potential in the field of Ayurveda still remains our vision. Lots of efforts have gone in to develop the processes. Production of bulk drugs by Herbal Extraction with modern scientific control is our mission. In this season we have processed nearly 750 MT of Awla Pishty.

Madhya Pradesh is the Treasure of Herbs and as we know that presence of Active Principal in the herbs is very Low & its efficacy also deteriorates with time, therefore our aim is to process these herbs instantaneously after the post cultivation to maintain maximum yield. This saves unnecessary cost on bulk transportation. The profit so received is passed on to our customers providing sustainable product cost to end-users.


Since beginning our family business has been in the field of “Health Care”. Started in 1968 with the objective of serving the humanity with pure heart.

We have always tried to explore the possibility of reducing the processing cost of the product without compromising the quality of the product. Which is achieved due to bulk handling and use of sophisticated and latest machineries. These advantages are passed to the users of our product.

To develop the product to the satisfaction of our customer and to consistently give them quality products, our R & D Dept. is on the job continuously. Nothing but the best is accepted.

These values and the urge to grow as a group have been inherited by my sons, Dr. V. R. Nema, Er. Vinay Nema, Er.Vikrant Nema and Er. Vikas Nema. These have become a part of their nature and shall continue with the next generation.

About Freezo

Hailing from a very old family of Jabalpur with deep roots in other parts of Madhya Pradesh. The old Family Business was trading of Health Care products, established nearly 50 years ago. It is still continuing by manufacturing the same. The business was run by Shri B.K. Nema, Head of the Family. He has now taken retirement from active business and is devoting his time in Social Causes, attaching himself with Tribal Welfare Activities.

His four sons are:

1. Dr. Vivek Ranjan Nema
2. Er. Vinay Nema
3. Er. Vikrant Nema
4. Er. Vikas Nema

Dr. Vivek Ranjan Nema is a qualified Ayurveda Ratna. Under his leadership the family has achieved goals in the fields of Ayurveda & other family businesses. Mr. Vinay Nema followed by Mr. Vikrant and Mr. Vikas Nema, all three of them hold Degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration from Govt. Engineering College, Jabalpur.

Shri Vinay Nema also possesses a P.G. Diploma in Business Management and has an experience of about 18 years of working with India’s reputed Air-Conditioning firms & different process industries. With this back ground, active support and qualifications of all the brothers, we endeavored to establish the business to this level