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Hailing from a very old family of Jabalpur with deep roots in other parts of Madhya Pradesh. The old Family Business was trading....

Products of Amla are

Amla Pulp is used in the preparation of chutneys, jams, pickles etc. Due to it’s varied and important medicinal uses it has found an indispensable place the famous Ayurvedic restorative tonic called “CHYAWANPRASH”

The acidity of Amla pulp is 3.28 % on pulp basis.


It is one of our major products which is also an important constituent CHYAWANPRASH – the famous Ayurvedic formulations used for general well being.

Most of the companies in India, engaged in the production of CHYAWANPRASH, use the Amla pulp manufactured by our company, as one of the basic ingredients, which gives us a reason to boast of as “BEING THE PIONEERS IN FIELD OF Amla PROCESSING”


Amla Powder is the main source of vitamin ‘C’. It accomplishes the deficiency of folic acid + Iron + Vit. B12 + Vit. C+ glucose in body which gives relief from physical and mentally tiredness to body from daily activities. Amla Powder improves the immunity and gives physical strength. It purifies the blood & controls cholesterol.

Amla Powder is well suited for silky and long hair in all seasons. It gives relief from diseases like acidity, dysentery, indigestion, mouth infection, blackheads, pimples and under eye dark circles etc. Eat Amla Powder and live long and healthy life.


Amla juice if taken as a daily dietary supplement, is helpful in the proper functioning of the digestive system. Amla juice has 10 times more Vitamin C as compared to the Vitamin C content found in the equal quantities of orange juice.

It is also helpful in reducing chromosomal abnormalities, reduction of cholesterol level in blood serumIt is given to patients suffering form Diabetes and cardiac diseases. It acts as a laxative, astringent and possesses cooling effect.


It is widely accepted form of Preserved Amla. We have taken the task to provide it to the end user after manufacturing it in the most hygienic and sophisticated mechanized way. According to the research and data collected by us the market size of Amla in India is 20,000 Tons. In monetary terms it works out to be Rs. 100 Crore.

People take it for controlling and curing disorders like rheumatism, chronic fever, respiratory, reproductive and stress related problems and also helps in digestion. Amla also acts as an anti-oxidant that helps in purifying the blood and getting rid of free radicals, thus defying ageing and increasing beauty.


Amla Candy is the latest version of accepting preserve Amla in hassle free form. Recently some organized company have started marketing the same in different pouch sizes and different attractive packaging. They have received good market acceptance. Prior to this it used to be a widely accepted Mouth Freshener in the western part of country.

Our data reveals that its present market size is more than 1000 Tons. Efforts are being done to divert this product to the children segment to replace the chocolate which is harmful for teeth. The idea behind it being you get complete advantages of Amla with the taste of Candy.