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Hailing from a very old family of Jabalpur with deep roots in other parts of Madhya Pradesh. The old Family Business was trading....

Ice Cream

What would you like to eat in an Ice cream . . . Because we have them all.

We offer more than 110 varieties of flavors and tastes


Vanila, Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange, Rose, Mango, Chocolate, Honey-Dew-Melon, Tutti Frutti, Litchi, Kesar Pista, Kaju Draksh, Butterscotch, Chocochips, Rajbhog and Cashew Break.


50 ml cup, 100 ml cup, 500 ml pack,1 litre pack, 4 litre pack, Chocobar, Ice candies, Cones and Kulfies.

At freezo, we have made a promise to ourselves to deliver the best quality Ice cream to our consumers from ensuring the purity of milk, to choosing the best ingredients like nuts, toppings, fresh fruits etc, nothing but the very best will be acceptable to us. Our Ice cream plant is equipped with all amenities and technologies, which is to ensure good quality products each and every time. Being quality conscious, we offer 50 varieties of flavors and tastes. The pricing of the products is also on its real value. We believe that even a common man should enjoy this taste that was once only enjoyed by the elite. Keeping their taste, preferences, choices and quality our company’s priority.

We hope to provide our customers always the best quality at the best possible price, keeping in mind their preferences, choices and tastes, and to top it all we conclude by saying that in providing the best there will never be any compromise in quality.